UMA THURMAN may stand above the rest thanks to her distractingly minimalist red carpet looks, but don’t expect her to give advice on how to walk the carpet gracefully in stilettos.

“I was very eager to wear high heels until I got over 5’6″ and then it ended for me,” UMA told PEOPLE backstage at Thursday’s CALVIN KLEIN Spring 2012 show during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

“Because I’m a tall girl, I never got particularly skilled at wearing them. I still tend to weave a little on heels. I need the solid ones.”

Though she dislikes the amplified height, the 6 foot tall OSCAR nominated actor said she has early memories of stylish shoes.

“I remember trying high heels on for the first time when I was like 3 years old. I would try to walk in my mother’s heels and loved it.”

Known for her chic and elegant style, UMA said one of her favourite go to designers is CALVIN KLEIN for his simple yet striking looks.

“I love that he’s classic, he’s modern, he always uses wonderful fabrics and the clothes are elegant. Sometimes modern clothes can be weird and contorted but his aren’t. It’s quite effortless and that’s something that I aspire toward.”

As for her style philosophy, UMA has a simple approach: it’s all about comfort.

“I’m all about having fun. Dressing up for a red carpet is always special and it’s a moment of celebration so I like to have fun with what I’m wearing. I tend to go for colour and comfort. I do care about pain a lot so being comfortable is always important.”

And at home, the KILL BILL star follows the same fashion mantra.

“I wear very soft clothing. I walk in the door and immediately put on soft clothing. I’m a mom so it’s all about being relaxed and comfortable and getting down to business.”

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