Our Friday musical highlight is IT’S OH SO QUIET from the Icelandic genius BJORK.

And now it’s time for me to exit. Stage left…


  1. awesome video…

  2. glimmer…

    Very, very interesting that you would pick this thread to post in – considering its name (YOU CAN’T ESCAPE YOUR FATE).

    It’s astounding how things can change so drastically with some people. You think that someone is a good loyal friend of long standing and then he turns out to be a lying backstabbing lowlife that has aligned himself with the dark side.

    So you’re a flaming homosexual on top of all that. Normally I wouldn’t give a good god damn about it. But all of that underhanded deception feeds into the reprehensible pattern that I just outlined.

    If I find out anything else about you before I finish publishing it will go up too. You picked the wrong girl to mess with.

    Are you aware that I know your real (full) name and where you live? Don’t push me, bitch. You will be sorry.

    Thank God I have an enormous amount of genuinely caring individuals that are looking out for me.

    I won’t stand idly by and have them disrespected by a demented jackass like you. You’re going to have to find some illuminating ways to spend your time from now on.

    You are banned from CP permanently…and that’s entirely non negotiable.

    C’est la vie. Let’s just say it’s your loss.

    This is the end of the line, you pathetic prick. Your time is up.

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