“Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion forward in my size is damn near impossible,” MELISSA McCARTHY jokingly lamented in the new issue of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

“It’s either for like a 98 year old woman or a 14 year old hooker…and there is nothing in the middle.”

Disgruntled by the lack of choices, the actor has decided to launch her own line for plus size women, which she’ll codesign with couturier DANIELLA PEARL.

Though a familiar tale, this isn’t a case of another celebrity gone fashion crazy: MELISSA actually has a background in design.

“I went to college for clothing and textiles and always thought that I would design women’s clothing,” she told reporters on EMMY night after nabbing her BEST ACTRESS (COMEDY) award for MIKE & MOLLY.

“Then [I] ended up in New York doing stand up.”

Fast forward a few years and MELISSA is one of 2011′s breakout stars, with a hit movie and television series under her belt — but nary a chic dress to be found. With the EMMYS looming, she decided to take matters into her own hands, designing a one of a kind gown for the big night.

“I’m a crazy tear sheet person and I really love vintage. So I went through my never ending book of tear sheets and then I kind of drew [a dress] up and I designed it myself,” she told PEOPLE at an EMMY reception days before the show.

“I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Tapping DANIELLA PEARL to sew her deep purple gown, which MELISSA called “wildly comfortable” (it had pockets, too), she felt inspired. She even made a back up gown just in case.

“The other one [was] dove gray and much more flowing,” she told PEOPLE at the AUDI & DAVID YURMAN KICK OFF to EMMY party. And though it didn’t make the cut for her big night out, she kept it in her closet.

As she joked, “I’ll wear it to Trader Joe’s later.”

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