ROGER DALTREY feels that there aren’t many contemporary singers who could lead a band.

“A lot of the new people they choose on shows like American Idol and things like that — I don’t ever hear lead singers,” THE WHO frontperson stated.

“They always seem to choose to pick people that are great singers – fabulous singers – but they’ve never got the voice that makes a great lead singer.”

ROGER went on to name some of music’s most distinctive vocalists: “You hear ten seconds of Rod Stewart, you know it’s Rod Stewart. Ten seconds of Mick Jagger, that’s Mick Jagger. Ten seconds of Eddie Vedder, you know that’s Eddie.”

So, would ROGER join the panel of a singing show to fix what he believes is wrong?

“I’d probably throw them all out,” he said, laughing.

“I quite like the idea of The Voice — that new show, simply because they have to choose the voices. They might present me with fifty voices and if I didn’t like any of them I couldn’t work with any of them. It would be pointless.”

He made the comments while promoting his latest tour, ROGER DALTREY PERFORMS THE WHO’S TOMMY, which kicked off earlier this month.

“I rediscovered how fabulous it is as a piece of music and I decided it needs to be heard,” ROGER said of THE WHO’S 1969 TOMMY album.

The CD, mostly composed by bandmate and guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND, became a Broadway musical in 1993. A film version was released in 1975. But ROGER said that his new tour gives him a chance to present his side of TOMMY.

“I loved the film, but it’s Ken Russell’s view of Tommy. The stage play was what it was and that was Pete (Townshend) and (theatrical director) Des McAnuff’s view of it. But to me it’s always been the music that’s important and I can never get bored with that because it’s brilliant. It’s a classically written piece of music and I’ve never seen Tommy as one person. I’ve always seen Tommy as all of us. We’re all screaming, ‘See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.”’

ROGER said his voice has bounced back since he had a precancerous growth removed from his vocal chords just before THE WHO performed during the 2010 Super Bowl half time show.

“It’s sounding better than it’s ever sounded and this is an extremely long show. It’s richer. It’s got a different resonance…But it’s like Johnny Cash. His voice wasn’t the same at the end. But it was his best work.”

ROGER’S tour wraps up in the United States on OCTOBER 25 in Seattle.

He’ll visit Canada for five dates after that.


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