He’s been known to steal his daughters’ clothes, but STEVEN TYLER will probably back away from their closets now that he’s inspired a line of his own.

The AEROSMITH frontperson and AMERICAN IDOL judge is the face and muse of ANDREW CHARLES, a sportswear line with an edge available now at MACY’S stores.

Announced as the face in August, STEVEN has been busy shooting ads for the campaign, which costar his daughter CHELSEA, who models complementary women’s looks.

“I love working with him,” she told PEOPLE last week during a bash for the brand at MACY’S in New York.

“It’s so relaxed and we have a lot of fun with it…and I really love so much of this line. I’m happy to be supporting it.”

The men’s collection features items like bold patterned cotton shirts and cotton and spandex coated denim jeans, plus a scarf collection aptly named ROCK SCARF. The women’s side offers jeans, embellished tops, skirts and tanks.

“It’s been phenomenal,” STEVEN told PEOPLE of working on the campaign.

“I’ve been wearing this stuff forever. It’s just another side of it to think I’d be able to sell this and pass it on.”

And he’s happy to be sharing the responsibility with his daughter.

“He’s really so supportive in anything that makes us happy,” CHELSEA shared.

“If there’s one thing as a dad that he’s really excelled in it’s really just embracing…not asking so many questions, more just, ‘Do you love this?’ and ‘Do you want to do this?’ And if he sees that passion in us then he’s so for it.”

“We’re joined at the hip,” STEVEN said of his relationship with CHELSEA, as well as daughters LIV and MIA and son TAJ. “I’ve got a great little brood going on.”

CHELSEA agreed, adding, “Our family unit is really something special.”

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