After countless premieres and red carpet appearances, EMMA WATSON has finally found the beauty routine that works for her.

Crediting her pixie cut with what she calls a more experimental relationship with makeup, she told STYLELIST: “There’s no way to hide when you have short hair. You really have to go for it.”

The secret to her trademark look, which includes flawless skin, bold brows and a pinch of glamour, is an arsenal of reliable beauty tools.

“I’m a creature of habit,” she told Style.com of $45 GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY LUMINOUS silk powder (bottom right).

“I like to find what works and keep buying it.”

She also brightens up with bronzer or blush, like YVES SAINT LAURENT’S $38 CREME DE BLUSH (top left) because, as EMMA put it, “I am so pale and English.”

But the focal point of EMMA’S look is the eye, which she prefers with a bold brow and major lashes.

“I get my eyebrows threaded,” she confides.

“Blink is really good,” she said of the London based beauty bar’s line of products, which includes defining pencils (top right).

For that kewpie lash effect, the star looks to $25 HYPNOSE DOLL mascara (bottom left) by LANCOME, for which she is an ambassador.

“I’m big into Twiggy so I do bottom lashes and top lashes,” she explained.

“This is really cool because it is specifically designed to get that look.”

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