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Screen spy JAMES BOND is returning next year in a new movie called SKYFALL with a star studded cast, producers said Thursday.

DANIEL CRAIG makes his third appearance as the suave secret agent in the film, directed by ACADEMY AWARD winner SAM MENDES.

Spanish star JAVIER BARDEM will play the chief villain in 007’S 23rd screen adventure, producers BARBARA BROCCOLI and MICHAEL G. WILSON said. British actors ALBERT FINNEY, RALPH FIENNES and BEN WHISHAW will play as yet undisclosed roles.

“There’s lots of surprises,” Mr. Mendes told reporters. Filming began yesterday and will take place in London’s government district of Whitehall, at PINEWOOD STUDIOS outside the British capital and on location in Scotland, Istanbul and Shanghai.

“I think this has all the elements of a classic Bond movie, including — to quell any rumours — a lot of action.”

Mr. Mendes said action movies were “a world that’s new to me…and I’ve embraced it. The action needs to coexist with the drama and that’s the balance we’ve got to strike.”

JAVIER BARDEM joked that the hardest part for him was “learning the English vowels.”

English actor NAOMIE HARRIS plays a field agent named Eve and JUDI DENCH reprises her role as spy chief M, while French actor BERNEICE MARLOHE also joins the cast.

Ms. Marlohe said she plays “a glamorous enigmatic character” named Severine.

Bond’s future was thrown into doubt when studio MGM filed for bankruptcy in 2010. But its new management and the producers announced earlier this year that the spy would live to fight another day.

SKYFALL is due to be released on OCTOBER 26, 2012 in Britain and on NOVEMBER 9 in the United States, 50 years since the release of the first 007 film DR. NO.


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He won an OSCAR for portraying one of the most chillingly psychopathic villains in recent film history…and now JAVIER BARDEM is set to go bad in perhaps the most iconic film franchise of all time.

Long rumoured to be in talks for the part, JAVIER confirmed to ABC’S NIGHTLINE that he would be playing the villain in the next JAMES BOND film, a SAM MENDES directed feature with the current working title of BOND 23.

“I am very excited. My parents took me to watch the movies and I saw all of them…and to play that is going to be fun,” he told the news magazine.

“They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details.”

The cast for the film has begun to assemble around returning 007 DANIEL CRAIG; French actor BERENICE MARLOHE is rumoured to be the next Bond Girl, while NAOMI HARRIS will play MONEYPENNY.

RALPH FIENNES is also rumoured to be joining the cast. The film is rumoured to be called SKYFALL.


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JAMES BOND’S vacation is over.

After the financial wrangling over the fate of MGM led the family that produces the 007 films to halt development of their 23rd installment last year, the project is back on track with plans for a NOVEMBER 9, 2012 release date, MGM confirmed to EW.

(DEADLINE first reported the story.)

DANIEL CRAIG will return for his third run as the superspy. What was more in question was whether OSCAR winning director SAM MENDES, who had been attached to the movie before it was put on hiatus, would still be participating.

The announcement today from MGM and EON Productions confirmed that SAM MENDES will remain as the filmmaker, with a script from Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan. EON is run by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, children of the late producer Albert R. (Cubby) Broccoli, who launched the franchise with SEAN CONNERY’S DR. NO in 1962.


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Everyone that knows me is well aware of my passion for hot fast cars. This particular model is a stunner.

Bet it would be awesome to drive. Powerful and seductive…

The Aston Martin driven by SEAN CONNERY in the JAMES BOND movies is going on sale at a London auction in October.

The silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5, dubbed by automobile auctioneers RM Auctions as “the world’s most famous car,” is expected to fetch at least $5 million.

The car is one of only two of the original Aston Martins that were featured on screen with Sean Connery behind the wheel in GOLDFINGER and THUNDERBALL. It comes with all the standard flamboyant BOND bells and whistles.

The model is being sold by U.S. radio broadcaster Jerry Lee, who bought it for $12,000 in 1969. It has remained in his home since then and has rarely been seen publicly.

RM Auctions said Tuesday that the car is going under the hammer in London on OCTOBER 27.


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Mmmmm. I don’t like the sound of this…

The next JAMES BOND movie will be delayed indefinitely due to the still unfinished auction of MGM, producers said on Monday.

The as yet untitled movie, which will be the 23rd in the series about the British spy, had been due for release in 2011 or 2012.

JAMES BOND is MGM’S most lucrative franchise. The character known as 007 is currently played by DANIEL CRAIG and the next installment would be the British actor’s third time in the role.

But Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the producers of the BOND movies, commented in a joint statement, “Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on Bond 23 indefinitely.”

The two producers said they do not know when development of the film will resume or when it will be released in theatres.

Last year, MGM began exploring a potential sale.

The 22 JAMES BOND movies have made $1.6 billion at the box office domestically, putting the series at #3 on the list of most successful film franchises, according to tracking firm BOX OFFICE MOJO.

The last film in the series, 2008’s Quantum of Solace, racked up a global box office of $586 million. Before that, the 2006 movie CASINO ROYALE made $594 million and introduced DANIEL CRAIG as the new JAMES BOND.

SAM MENDES, a filmmaker best known for intense psychological dramas such as AMERICAN BEAUTY and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, was expected to direct the next installment of BOND.


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I’ve been over this before in public.

But I’ll just state it again for the record in relation to this article.

ROGER MOORE was an extremely handsome man back in the day. He still is.

He was never my favourite BOND. (Those illustrious positions belong to TIMOTHY DALTON and DANIEL CRAIG respectively. Don’t ever ask me to choose. I’d give you different answers on alternate days.)

ROGER MOORE was sly, amusing and he had a wonderful grace about him. The ideal BOND? Perhaps not. But certainly a very entertaining one.

CHRIS NASHAWATY of EW (that immensely fortunate boy) got to sit down and talk to the man himself. It’s quite the illuminating read.

Here are a couple of excerpts…

Adjectives almost fail to do justice to Moore’s speaking voice. It’s a purr coated in honey and caramel and molasses.

Moore also tells a story that should get the legions of Connery purists shaken and stirred too. Namely, that he was considered for the role of 007 in 1962’s DR. NO before Connery was tapped.

‘That’s what they told me, at least,’ he says. ‘They also said I was Ian Fleming’s first choice. But Ian Fleming didn’t know me from shit. He wanted Cary Grant or David Niven.'”

God, I love this guy. He has a wicked sense of humour.

To get the whole damn thing, please go here


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I’ve always been exceptionally fond of ROGER MOORE.

His debonair handsomeness and dry wit made him a most attractive and appealing JAMES BOND. He’s not my favourite 007 by a long shot (Mr. Craig and Mr. Dalton have that special place in my black Irish heart).
DANIEL CRAIG (except for his hair colour) and TIMOTHY DALTON both splendidly embody the edgy, ultramasculine vibe that IAN FLEMING described in his novels.

There isn’t a bad BOND in the bunch. But JAMES BOND has to be someone I’d want to break furniture with.

Apparently Mr. Moore does approve of his latest successor…

ROGER MOORE told reporters yesterday that DANIEL CRAIG was “marvelous” as JAMES BOND because he brought a fresh dimension to the character.

Mr. Moore, who starred in seven BOND films in the 70s and 80s, said that Mr. Craig’s work in such films as MUNICH and SYLVIA helped to shape a brand new BOND era.

“Those parts were very different to one’s conception of Bond.”

Of DANIEL CRAIG’s performance in CASINO ROYALE, he stated, “I thought he was absolutely marvelous.”

Some BOND fans were initially critical of Mr. Craig, questioning whether a classically trained actor with little experience in action films could conceivably be a realistic 007.

Mr. Moore, speaking at an event to promote his autobiography MY WORD IS MY BOND, said he had yet to see QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

However, he did meet DANIEL CRAIG at a recent celebration for IAN FLEMING in London and found him “a charming guy.”