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Posted in Glamour, Style on September 22, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

LONDON FASHION WEEK is currently in full swing and so far the shows have impressed – offering star studded front rows, technological advances and even a near royal visit.


Promising a starry front row, the BURBERRY PRORSUM show on Monday did not disappoint.

SIENNA MILLER and a current face of the brand ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELY sat alongside RACHEL ZOE, GEMMA ARTERTON, tennis star ANDY MURRAY, singer PAUL WELLER and photographer MARIO TESTINO at CHRISTOPHER BAILEY’S SPRING/SUMMER 2012 show in Kensington Gardens.

Tribal inspired print dresses were paired with cropped trenches and raffia caps in a collection that put a handcrafted artisan twist on ladylike chic.

“Oh my God. That was insanity!” gushed RACHEL to PEOPLE as she headed backstage.

“[Christopher Bailey is] amazing. I mean, who else makes a coat like that?” she added, referring to the reinvention of the classic BURBERRY trench.

Greeting his celebrity guests backstage, CHRISTOPHER got a hug from photographer pal MARIO TESTINO who told PEOPLE, “I thought it was a great show — sexy sexy sexy!”

As no doubt did legions of fans who caught the show via Twitter, a first for the digital friendly brand.

“This collection is all about the most detailed handcrafted pieces and fabric innovation, creating a beautiful physical experience that is communicated digitally in dynamic and diverse ways and I love balancing those two worlds,” commented CHRISTOPHER.


Meanwhile, TEMPERLEY LONDON got the royal seal of approval on Monday night when PIPPA MIDDLETON showed up to support one of her favourite British designers. Wearing the classic fan dress from the label’s current AUTUMN/WINTER collection dressed down with black suede ankle boots, the rising fashion star certainly appeared to enjoy the show as she sat with a friend, pointing out her favourite pieces from the silver screen inspired collection, shown in the British Museum’s dramatic grand atrium.

GRACE KELLY was cited as an inspiration by the designer, as was MICHELLE PFEIFFER’S character in SCARFACE.

As for PIPPA, she seemed to love the silky jumpsuits, kimono capes and floor sweeping dresses adorned in beads and tassels, all of which were accessorized with überglam head wraps.

“It was really special, really amazing,” she said, congratulating designer ALICE TEMPERLEY’S husband and CEO of the label LARS VON BENNINGSEN on her way out.

Since commissioning a bespoke emerald green TEMPERLEY LONDON dress for the royal wedding after party at Buckingham Palace in April, the label has become a go to favourite for both PIPPA and her sister CATHERINE.

In the hot seat next to Ms. Middleton was actor ROSARIO DAWSON, currently enjoying the shows in between filming her new movie in London.

“I thought it was really wonderful that she came here to support Alice and it makes sense that Pippa would be here because it’s such a London staple,” she told PEOPLE post show.

So did they swap fashion tips? “She seemed lovely and I think she enjoyed the clothes as well which is always nice to see.”

Excited about the ultrafeminine oh so graceful show, ROSARIO confessed, “I loved everything. I’m salivating and trying not to drool, honestly!”


Sunday night MATTHEW WILLIAMSON presented a kaleidoscope of colour at his SPRING/SUMMER 2012 show. The first runway show to ever be staged in the TATE MODERN’S TURBINE HALL, it boasted a front row consisting of pal SIENNA MILLER and RACHEL ZOE.

Burnt oranges and vibrant yellow took centre stage, as did the designer’s signature embellishment with semiprecious stones and feather detailing. SIENNA, in a MATTHEW WILLIAMSON jacket, skinny jeans and TABITHA SIMMONS heels, told PEOPLE the finale number, a floor length saffron gown with appliqué detailing and ostrich feathers, was her favourite.

“The orange dress on Anja [Rubik] at the end — I love that,” she shared.

With a cheer and a hug for the designer at the after party, held on the top floor of the museum with a view of ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL, it was a fashionable fête all around.


Posted in Glamour, Style on September 19, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

UMA THURMAN may stand above the rest thanks to her distractingly minimalist red carpet looks, but don’t expect her to give advice on how to walk the carpet gracefully in stilettos.

“I was very eager to wear high heels until I got over 5’6″ and then it ended for me,” UMA told PEOPLE backstage at Thursday’s CALVIN KLEIN Spring 2012 show during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

“Because I’m a tall girl, I never got particularly skilled at wearing them. I still tend to weave a little on heels. I need the solid ones.”

Though she dislikes the amplified height, the 6 foot tall OSCAR nominated actor said she has early memories of stylish shoes.

“I remember trying high heels on for the first time when I was like 3 years old. I would try to walk in my mother’s heels and loved it.”

Known for her chic and elegant style, UMA said one of her favourite go to designers is CALVIN KLEIN for his simple yet striking looks.

“I love that he’s classic, he’s modern, he always uses wonderful fabrics and the clothes are elegant. Sometimes modern clothes can be weird and contorted but his aren’t. It’s quite effortless and that’s something that I aspire toward.”

As for her style philosophy, UMA has a simple approach: it’s all about comfort.

“I’m all about having fun. Dressing up for a red carpet is always special and it’s a moment of celebration so I like to have fun with what I’m wearing. I tend to go for colour and comfort. I do care about pain a lot so being comfortable is always important.”

And at home, the KILL BILL star follows the same fashion mantra.

“I wear very soft clothing. I walk in the door and immediately put on soft clothing. I’m a mom so it’s all about being relaxed and comfortable and getting down to business.”


Posted in Glamour, Style on September 19, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

EVAN RACHEL WOOD is stunning on the red carpet these days, whether overseas at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL or in Hollywood for an awards show. And the star, who was nominated for a SUPPORTING ACTRESS EMMY (MINISERIES/MOVIE) for her role as VEDA PIERCE in MILDRED PIERCE, said that she’s felt more comfortable at such events lately thanks to age and experience.

“I think when I started getting older and started feeling like I wanted to express myself as a woman and to do what made me feel beautiful” is when she finally fell in love with fashion, EVAN recently told PEOPLE.

“I was just having fun really. I wasn’t feeling pressured to do certain things. I just felt like I was expressing myself.”

Her style has evolved due to a recent dramatic short haircut and a slew of glamorous looks.

Of finding her fashion sense, she shared, “I think it just happens naturally.”


Posted in Glamour, Music, Style on August 15, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

Rocker STEVEN TYLER has always been known for his individualistic highly original style. And now, the AEROSMITH frontperson and AMERICAN IDOL judge has inspired a new line for ANDREW CHARLES’ contemporary collection, arriving at MACY’S stores next month.

“I really love the whole concept of mixing music and fashion together,” ANDY HILFIGER, ANDREW CHARLES’ creative director, told WWD. “To launch it with such an icon such as Steven Tyler is amazing.”

STEVEN, who has been known to wear everything from feathered hair extensions to intensely colourful outfits, serves as the muse for the men’s line, which features items like bold patterned cotton shirts and cotton and spandex denim jeans, plus a scarf collection called ROCK SCARF that will launch in OCTOBER.

As the face of the collection, STEVEN will make personal appearances at MACY’S and be featured in a campaign with his daughter CHELSEA, an aspiring model who sports some items from the complementary women’s collection in the ads. STEVEN will also be featured in a series of short behind the scenes videos from the campaign shoot.

“We’ve always loved him and [American Idol] took him to the next level,” ANDY HILFIGER commented. Not so coincidentally, costumers from the show have already called in pieces from the collection, presumably to dress their favourite judge.


Posted in Glamour, Style on August 12, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

CAMERON DIAZ’S style is all her own.

“I have never been into trends. I don’t understand trends,” she said.

“I tried on a dress a few days ago that was like spring 2012 and I was like, ‘Where are we?’ Why can’t I just buy a dress for summer 2011? That’s all I need.”

Looking chic in an A.L.C. strapless ASTRID dress (ironically from the brand’s resort 2012 collection), the actor joked that fashion is moving too fast for her.

“By the time we get to 2012, I am going to be wearing something for 2013…It doesn’t really make any sense to me!”

When it comes to her current style, CAMERON said that her look has always been the same.

“I have just always had very clean, minimal…some plastic detail, something with a little bit of edge. But I have always been simple. I’ve never been like a ruffly girl or overly feminine. I just kind of like clean lines.”


Posted in Glamour, Style on August 11, 2011 by Miranda Wilding


Even though she’s got her own fashion line, LOURDES LEON — better known to the masses as LOLA, the daughter of MADONNA — admitted that she had a lot to learn when she first launched the MATERIAL GIRL brand.

“It was really hard at first because I didn’t know what I was doing,” LOLA, dressed in a tank top and jean cutoffs, said in a recent interview with THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.

“I was like, ‘You know, not a lot of people wear this. Let me just wear it.’ It wasn’t even that it looked good on me. I was just like, ‘Let me do this because not a lot of people are doing it.’ Now I feel like I can follow fashion a lot better than I used to, but also have some of my own take on it.”

Her learning curve is understandable: After all, she’s just 14. But she’s all ready a fashion star with MATERIAL GIRL, which is geared towards teens and sold at MACY’S. The line, which she launched with her mother last year, is now branching out into cosmetics, undergarments and nail polish.

Through laughs and typical teenager banter, LOLA talked about her vision for MATERIAL GIRL, her mom and fashion dos and don’ts.

AP: It’s been a year since your clothing line launched. What have you learned about fashion over the past 12 months?

LOURDES LEON: I learned a lot of things that I shouldn’t wear or do. Like don’t wear white to school, because then stuff gets dirty really fast. I don’t think you should wear shorts that are too small and I don’t think you should wear shorts that are too big either because I find myself looking really awkward. It takes me a really long time to find the perfect pair of shorts. I like the ones you can pull up to your belly button almost, which makes it look extra weird and retro.

AP: Your mom once told me that the two of you don’t always agree on designs.

LL: Absolutely. Every day…I will be like, “Mom, you can’t wear that.” Or she will be like, “Lola, you can’t wear that.” A lot of the time we don’t listen to each other, but sometimes we do.

AP: When it comes to designing MATERIAL GIRL, who wins out?

LL: Me. I have to tell her, “Mom, it is the in thing. This is what kids are doing now. If you don’t do this, then it is going to suck.” And then she usually gives in.

AP: Do you go to your mom’s closet for inspiration?

LL: Her closet is huge. All the time. I am always in there and if no one knows where I am in the house, it is usually my mom’s closet and I am usually taking something without asking her. She gets mad at me.

AP: How does it feel to have a clothing line at such a young age?

LL: It is really cool and also it is a lot of fun to know that my friends enjoy it…and to know that a lot of people enjoy it because it is also a lot of what I like. My friends have great style. I go to an arts school, so a lot of them are really artistic and passionate about a lot of things that inspire what they wear.

AP: Advice time. What is your idea of a fashion faux pas?

LL: Don’t wear white. I am all for crop tops, but I don’t like it when people wear crop tops that are excessively cropped. Really, don’t be a skank with your crop top. I think boots are always a go to, no matter what you are wearing, but you always have to make sure they don’t cut off your leg because that is not right. When you are wearing heels, it is more comfortable to walk in platforms. Platforms always look good and they are more comfortable to wear and they make you look way taller. I used to do this a lot, but the hippie bands around your head are very out. Don’t ever wear that again.

AP: Your line has expanded to include nail polish and undergarments. What is your ultimate vision for the collection?

LL: I think it has continued to evolve and now it is at a point where we have so much stuff that I use and that I think other people will really enjoy using. So I like it.



Posted in Glamour, Style on July 21, 2011 by Miranda Wilding

She doesn’t have too much in common with her MAD MEN character JOAN HOLLOWAY, but actor CHRISTINA HENDRICKS has taken a major style tip from her on screen alter ego.

“Wear pencil skirts,” she told PEOPLE.

“I have a fantastic black fishtail one from Banana Republic that I’ve been wearing for years.”

Admitting she’ll splurge on “a truly beautiful dress, because even if it’s expensive, it’s a whole outfit,” the curvaceous star said she lusts after designs from L’WREN SCOTT and DOLCE & GABBANA.

But she’s not just into fashion: her beauty routine includes LA MER moisturizer, BENEFIT erase paste concealer, twice yearly OLE HENRIKSEN facials (“My skin glows for two months afterward,” she remarked of her visits) and PREMIER FIGUIER by L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR.

“My friends are always like, ‘Oh yeah, we knew you were coming,’” she said of her signature fragrance. “Not that I wear that much of it!”

But CHRISTINA revealed that it’s her hair that requires the majority of her attention. Naturally a dark blonde, she hits the salon “every six weeks” to maintain her colour. Not that she minds.

“I have always felt sassier as a redhead. I don’t even know what my real colour would look like at this point.”

For more of CHRISTINA’S style picks, check out the JULY 18 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.