I love DIANE LANE. I think she always looks sensational.

She went from being an adorable child actor to a glamorous teenage knockout working for the likes of FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA. DIANE was as gorgeous as anyone that came out of her era. But there was a big difference. Unlike many of those women, she had the goods. IN SPADES.

DIANE possesses powerful charisma and distracting sensuality. But she also has remarkable skill as an actor. It’s criminal that it took the Academy decades to acknowledge her – and then it was for useless dreck like Unfaithful.

(She clearly was fantastic. But that picture should be cut up and burned.)

This, to me, is completely illustrative of why I adore this woman. In 1983 (when she was 18), she tested for Walter Hill’s STREETS OF FIRE. They were impressed but told her she wasn’t right. She was too young for the role and she couldn’t sing.

They ended up having to dub her. But she got the part anyway.

I ended up seeing it on television when I was around the same age as DIANE was when she was cast. STREETS OF FIRE is one of the first DVDs that I ever purchased.

You can’t even say that it’s a time capsule from the mid 80s. There are a ton of different genres evident in the piece and it resembles nothing from that particular period – and not much from the future or the past either. But the cinematography, the direction, the musical numbers, the choreography, the action sequences and most particularly the performances (by RICK MORANIS, WILLEM DAFOE, AMY MADIGAN and hotter than a pistol MICHAEL PARE) are exceptional.

At the centre of this awesome good time is DIANE as rock goddess ELLEN AIM. When I saw this, all I wanted was to be her.

I still do…

DIANE’S opening scene – where she performs before a huge crowd in her home town – is below on YouTube.

To see DIANE’S IN STYLE photo gallery, please go here

8 Responses to “STYLE TRANSFORMATION: DIANE LANE 1979 – 2008”

  1. glimmer Says:

    Not just the premise, mind you, but the casting. I have nothing against Diane Lane, and I think she’s a fine actress. However, hardcore female computer experts do not look like Diane Lane. Don’t think you’ve caught me in some sort of “smart women can’t be beautiful” or “women don’t use computers” trap either – considering the male compatriot of Lane in the film is played by Colin Hanks. I realize we’re trying to sell tickets here, and there are no real “ugly” women in Hollywood, but this is like trying to sell Orlando Bloom as, oh, say a badass pirate, and… what? They did? Oh for the love of…

    this popped up in a review of untraceable .

    one of neater segments to pop up in review ‘recently’ …uh interesting/funny….

    hmm unfaithful/untraceable is there a theme here ??? of course i’ve seen neither….should she avoid doing movies with a certain prefix ???

  2. Well, that person is a bloody idiot, glimster.

    I won’t do the sexist thing and jump to the conclusion that it automatically is a man. But it sure as hell sounds like it.

    I just despise this stereotyping that’s gone on for centuries. Just when you think that’s it’s more or less done, you get these jackasses crawling out of the woodwork.

    Apparently you can’t be a glamorous/attractive/sexy/beautiful (fill in the blank… ) woman and have an actual functioning brain.

    You supposedly can’t be blonde either.

    Uh, that’s two strikes for me. Where’s my third?

    Oh, right. If you are female and *ahem* well endowed (don’t make me say it – you know what I’m talking about… ) then you can’t possibly walk and chew gum simultaneously either.

    This is pure BS. Plain and simple.

    It’s the same thing as saying good looking women can’t possibly be funny. This is enough to make me puke seven days straight. Every hour on the hour.

    I realize that men sometimes chafe under the weight of expectation too. Male actors in Hollywood don’t get a lot of respect until they have a ton of weighty credits or reach middle age. I know that WARREN BEATTY’S significant contribution to the industry has been marginalized due to his looks and his active romantic life. (Oscar or no.)

    But they don’t usually have to tolerate this nonsensical drivel like women do.

    I would tell that clown that beautiful women exist in every milieu and level in North American and European society. Significant numbers of gorgeous females do have occupations (in all sectors) that require some serious intellectual flair.

    Unreal. Maybe the person is just trying to be deliberately provocative out of boredom. But it’s still too stupid to take seriously.


    glim, from what I heard, Untraceable is a very bad movie. Unfaithful is equally cruddy (I saw that so I know that for a fact) but Diane finally got an Oscar nomination because of it. The latter is not really regarded as the major disaster that I think it is – and it actually made money.

    So they’re not really the same animal, glim. I think Unfaithful can be regarded as a triumph for Diane. She really gave an astonishing performance. But Untraceable is likely a script that she grabbed so she could work.

    It’s terrible. But there is a lot of competition for roles out there, even among the established actors. Diane’s been in the business most of her life. She loves it and I imagine she’d rather have a job (even with a subpar script and that kind of distasteful subject matter) than sit around being unemployed.

    So she’s well aware of the realities. Unfortunate but true…

  3. uh didn’t mean to hit ‘hot spot’ sorry…

    uh maybe context would help…

    so hopefully it be a bit clearer as to why i was laughing. this page two of that week’s weekend preview and that column was pretty funny. yep every page… but there’s no betting uh context. so uh was it safe for me to laugh ???

    and this bops reveiw of untraceable…

    i think they like lane/and maybe feel about her they way you ‘hint’ may have happened with here taking the this role.

    hmm m. how many movies this year have had a female has the lead ???

    sorry i’m gonna cut the comp. pretty scattered (more than usual) so if i make even less sense. or if a lot hasn’t been said…

    being out for too long .really takes it all out of me. more tomorrow….

  4. No, sweetie, that’s fine. Seriously.

    God, of course you can laugh. I know you’re just having harmless fun and you don’t mean anything by it.

    I don’t EVER want you to feel that you can’t speak openly about stuff over here. It’s just that sometimes the inequities, the stereotyping and the general BS that women have to put up with make me more than a little choked.

    I know. I adore men and I know you guys have LEGITIMATE beefs with many things that go on in society. Quite right. I’d support you dudes any day against any of that nonsense.

    It’s just that we girls (in MOST cases, in the MAJORITY of instances) have it tougher.

    No, I feel bad now. OF COURSE you can laugh. If I have to say my piece that’s cool. I may just need to vent. But I’m not getting upset with you.

    It’s the situation.

    You’re lovely, glim. I don’t mean to be tough on you. You contribute far too much to the site.

    I don’t ever want you to feel stifled. Say whatever you want.

    I’m just like a big ol’ lion. Got to hear myself roar once in a while. But I don’t mean any harm.


  5. glimmer Says:

    I’m just like a big ol’ lion. Got to hear myself roar once in a while.

    m. i was truly sad about what happened to you at the end of the first narnia movie…. 😉

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah hah…

    Oh, that is too funny…

    I adore you endlessly, glimmy…

    I’ve never read C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. But I’ve heard.

    So, glim, I (meaning Aslan, of course) was resurrected, right?

    Just like Jesus….

    Lions have a rather big significance in my life. There is at least one person here that knows exactly why. (You know who you are, my darling.)

    So there it is…

  7. glimmer Says:

    So, glim, I (meaning Aslan, of course) was resurrected, right?

    i saw the first narnia movie and i don’t even remember. this is why/ i should stay away from mass entertainment…..

  8. My adorable glimmy, you are the one that brought it up.

    I haven’t seen either of the NARNIA movies. So I wouldn’t actually have any idea about what happened if no one told me specifically.

    You’ll have to be my guide. Or someone needs to be.

    I guess…

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